Georgia Coach Kirby Smart On Dolly Parton Attending Their Game At Tennessee: “I Do Know Who Dolly Parton Is”

Kirby Smart Dolly Parton
UGA Athletics/Dolly Parton

Imagine having to go out and play in front of Dolly Parton.

The Queen announced that she would be in attendance at Neyland Stadium this weekend as the Tennessee Volunteers take on the two-time defending national champion Georgia Bulldogs, which is only gonna add to the hype surrounding the matchup – and the pressure on the teams.

Obviously Dolly will be there supporting her Vols, so during his press conference this week Georgia head coach Kirby Smart was asked about squaring off knowing that Dolly Parton’s eyes were on your team – and rooting against you.

The reporter asked Kirby whether he even knows who Dolly Parton is, which is kind of a stupid question because doesn’t everybody know Dolly? Then again, he had no idea who Miley Cyrus was when asked a few weeks back…

Well, the coach confirmed that he does in fact know who she is:

“I do know who Dolly Parton is. I got parents that watch the Grand Ole Opry. Was not aware she was going to attend the game.”

But he’s not worried about the added pressure of Dolly being in attendance:

“It’s a big game every year when we play Tennessee, because it’s a big game. They’re a good program and we’re a good program and the two are gonna match up. So as far as our focus on it, our players respect the hell out of Tennessee. They know how hard it is to play ’em. We had to play ’em up there two years ago and it’s tough. It’s a tough prep. So we’ll be focused.”

Sure, you say that now, but things might change once you’re in the presence of the Queen…

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