The Miami Dolphins ‘Hard Knocks’ Trailer Drops, & If There Was Any Doubt, It Looks Like An Electric Factory

Miami Dolphins

Once the news dropped that the Miami Dolphins were going to be on HBO’s in-season version of Hard Knocks this year, anyone with a clue about the NFL knew we were about to see something special.

The trailer for the upcoming series, which premieres next Tuesday, November 21, dropped today. Let me tell you, this did absolutely nothing at all to quell the anticipation.

Whether it’s Mike McDaniel getting fired up in the locker room or on the sidelines, Tyreek Hill backflipping after a touchdown or Cheetah or Jaylen Waddle racing down the field, or any myriad of other things in this trailer, this thing is going to be bonkers in the best way.

Whenever they have those field-level cameras that really capture the speed and physicality of pro football, it always blows me away no matter who it is. HBO could literally post up, focus only on Hill and Waddle because of their sheer explosiveness, and the show would do insane numbers on that footage alone.

…But there’s going to be even more to this. Right now, the narrative and/or strong implication from geniuses who allegedly break this game down for a living is that the Dolphins can’t beat good teams.

Personally I’d opt for a more nuanced take on the situation. If you really pull apart Miami’s three losses to Buffalo, Philadelphia and Kansas City, it’s not the “FRAUD” narrative people would lead you to believe.

Yes, the Dolphins got their clocks cleaned by the Bills. Josh Allen played maybe the best game of his career other than that AFC Divisional Round stunner against the Chiefs. It was also Week 4. Miami didn’t yet have superstar cornerback Jalen Ramsey in the lineup and were still acclimating to new coordinator Vic Fangio’s complex scheme.

Fast forward to Week 7: A 31-17 loss in Philly was a two-guys-in-the-same-spot route mix-up that resulted in Tua Tagovailoa throwing a pick in the Eagles’ end zone on what would’ve been a late game-tying TD.

Finally, in their latest outing in Germany, Miami spotted the Chiefs a 21-0 lead thanks in part to on one of the flukiest defensive touchdowns in NFL history. Otherwise, they were driving with a shot to score, go to halftime 14-7 and get the ball after the break.

Fresh off a bye, with a greater understanding of Fangio’s system, a healthy corner tandem of Ramsey and Xavien Howard, and De’Von Achane presumably returning to the backfield from injured reserve, the Fins’ forecast is really looking up.

…Just in time for Hard Knocks, baby.

Pretty sure the Las Vegas Raiders are about to get a f*cking reality check when they take their talents to South Beach this coming Sunday. The Raiders are busy smoking victory cigars after wins over Tommy DeVito and Zach Wilson. Good luck against Tua and the Dolphins, y’all.

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