The Chiefs Scored One Of The Wildest Defensive TDs Ever To Break The Game Open Against The Dolphins

KC Chiefs Miami Dolphins

Everyone’s going to be saying, “THE MIAMI DOLPHINS ARE FRAUDS!” after this incredibly fluky touchdown that totally swung every ounce of momentum in the Kansas City Chiefs’ favor.

Had Tua Tagovailoa decided to throw it anywhere else, or if Tyreek Hill didn’t quite corral the ball, or if the referees had called forward progress (??????????), the Dolphins could’ve easily scored on this possession. Then it’d be 14-7, they’d get the ball to start the second half, and have a real shot to tie the score.

Too bad the good people of Frankfurt, Germany, aren’t being treated to a closer game. I guess that’ll happen every now and then when Patrick Mahomes is involved.

I’m not taking anything away from the Chiefs here. Don’t get it twisted. Mahomes is maybe already the second-best QB of all-time. He’s dicing up the Dolphins with a bunch of fringe WR2s/WR3s. Now that Kansas City has one of the NFL’s elite defenses, playing against Mahomes is basically unfair.

Anyway, it’s going to be annoying when everyone overreacts to this game and says the Dolphins are done for, and that they’re a phony Super Bowl contender. Let’s chill out. Take a deep breath. It can be more than one thing at once.

The Chiefs are the defending champs, Mahomes is amazing, and their defense is doing a number on Miami. OK? Let’s give KC their flowers. They entered Sunday fourth in total yards allowed per game, and second in scoring defense.

AND. And. The Dolphins were just outside the red zone, moving the ball at will, weren’t sabotaging themselves with drops and penalties like they had on all prior possessions, and could’ve easily gotten right back in it with a TD. Until Tyreek Hill made the worst play of his career to date, which may or may not have been forward progress.

I know that part of what makes the NFL great is the wild weekly overreactions. But this “Dolphins can’t be a team with a winning record though!!!” is about to be among the most obnoxious, annoying and technically-true-but-probably-false to date.

This team just got Jalen Ramsey back last week. They’re still missing the most explosive running back in the NFL in De’Von Achane. Jaylen Waddle has been in and out of Sunday’s contest because he’s banged up. Miami’s o-line has been obliterated by injuries this season.

Like, y’all really think the Fins won’t win a playoff game? OK. Mike McDaniel took Skylar Freaking Thompson into Buffalo last postseason and only lost by three. I’m preemptively imploring the anti-Miami contingent to find a new slant. While also acknowledging that, yes, the Chiefs are still the team to beat in the NFL. I KNOW!

Trying to break down all the angles of an outcome in a sporting event instead of popping off with some dumb, shortsighted, unrefined take on social media is way less fun.

Thank you for reading anyway if you got this far…

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