The Ground Is Opening Up In Iceland & It Looks Like A Scene Straight Out Of A Movie

Iceland earthquake

It doesn’t take a seismologist or volcanologist (yes, that’s the proper term) to look at the pictures and videos coming out of Iceland and say “that’s not good.”

Just in case you didn’t know, or if you never learned about the confusing geography, Iceland isn’t a land of ice, but rather features green land as far as the eye can see. The country that is actually covered in ice is Greenland, which is basically the most confusing geographical fact to wrap your head around.

But anyways, we’re talking about Iceland (not Greenland) because there have been some shocking images and videos to come out of the country the past couple of days. The island is currently evacuating and bracing for what some experts are warning to be “unprecedented” volcanic activity.

Over 3,2oo earthquakes have been registered in Iceland since late October, with much of them being around the town of Grindavik, as you can see in this visual below:

The seismic activity is portending some pretty serious volcanic activity, with all of Grindavik being evacuated in fear of magma bursting and burying the entire town. It looks like the evacuation order was warranted, considering some of the scary videos that have come out of the area since all of the town’s population left.

Specifically, this large crack right through the middle of town that opened up is certainly something to be concerned about.

The plethora of earthquakes that have hit the area has literally caused the ground to open up, which makes for an absolutely terrifying scene.

Even the steam pouring out of the crack through the town is ominous:

And let’s be honest, that’s usually something we only see out of a movie.

This is something that happens in the first act of the film, only for Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson to jump the crack on a motorbike later in the movie as he’s saving the world from ending (and possibly using the world’s biggest can of Flex Seal to stop the town from tearing apart).

As strong as “The Rock” is, I don’t think anyone is stopping “Mother Nature” from what she’s doing Iceland right now. The country has already done all they can do to protect their citizens, and now Iceland and the world just has to wait and see what happens.

Just going by this close up video of the ground opening up, I’d say something is going to happen sooner rather than later:

Kinda looks like this sinkhole scene in This Is The End:

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