Shannon Sharpe Shoots His Shot At Adult Film Star Miss B. Nasty: “I’m Looking For A Sinner”

Shannon Sharpe

If you’re a sports fan, then you’ve more than likely watched Shannon Sharpe go ballistic on Skip Bayless a few times when he was a co-host on First Take.

The former star Denver Broncos tight end and Hall of Famer has always been known for speaking his mind, not caring at all what anybody thinks about it. Whether you love or hate the guy, he’s one of the most interesting sports personalities in the game right now.

With that being said, he put those personality traits on full display last week while on his podcast Club Shay Shay.

On the podcast, co-host Chad Ochocinco was trying to set up Sharpe with his friend, 39-year-old actress Yvonne Orji. Orji is a virgin and a devout Christian, and Ochocinco believed Sharpe and her would be a match made in Heaven.

Chad tweeted out:

“What you think about this God-fearing woman, who has herself aligned in the right places, being unionized with Unc?”

However, Sharpe is actually looking for the polar opposite woman…

Like adult film star Miss Nasty B.

Sharpe hilariously responded to Ochocinco:

“Nah…I’m looking for a sinner, I’m looking for a sinner. Send me Miss Nasty B, what did you say I’d need an umbrella? That’s what I’m looking for, I don’t want nobody walking the straight and narrow.

Nah, I want a sinner, that’s what I’m looking for.”

To which Ochocinco replied, trying to get Unc to envision a life with Yvonne Orji:

“Think about on that private jet with Yvonne, and y’all going over the Word, y’all having prayer and Bible study together, you need a woman like that in your life.”

Shannon Sharpe was not having it:

“Give me Miss Nasty B, I’ll have a Bible right next to my bed. Lord forgive about what I’m about to do.”

It didn’t take long for Miss B Nasty to see the video, and the reaction to Unc thirsting over her is nothing short of priceless. Without saying anything, Miss Nasty’s facial expressions to Sharpe’s statement is all you need to know about what she thinks of the situation.

He said he hasn’t, but it sounds like Unc might be ready to slide into them DMs…

Check it out:

@notmissbnasty #duet with @Nightcap #nightcap ♬ original sound – Nightcap

Of course, Chad Ochocinco went viral last week talking about a 17-woman orgy he had with Terrell Owens in the Dominican Republic back in the day, so the irony of him trying to set Unc up with a God-fearing woman is not lost on me.

Here’s the full conversation between Chad Ochocinco and Shannon Sharpe, which actually goes much deeper than the viral clip:

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