Travis Barker Receives Blowback From ‘The View’ For Drumming Along To His Baby’s Heartbeat In Delivery Room

Travis Barker Blink 182
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Musicians who really love it will not let a single moment go to waste if they have an opportunity to practice their craft. Look no further than legendary Blink-182 drummer Travis Barker playing at the tempo of his son Rocky Thirteen Barker’s heartbeat via an ultrasound.

For a man whose livelihood is dictated by rhythm, can you blame him for getting some extra reps in? What better way to honor your kid than to pay tribute with the thing you’re best at?

@travisbarkerPracticing to my babies heartbeat 🥁

♬ original sound – Travis Barker

Might even be some mental conditioning at play here to will little Rocky into a drummer.

I really love the caption, too: “Practicing to my babies heartbeat.” As if this is a totally normal thing. It wasn’t an impromptu solo jam sesh. It was, “If I’m going to be present for the birth of my son, I’m bringing my sticks, and I’m playing some drums, babe.”

I wonder what Kourtney Kardashian thought of this scene. Did she actually record the video? Hard to say. Women have it tough. Say what you will, but giving birth to a child is something legitimately unfathomable to me and most men. Hats off to the ladies and the mothers who brung us here in the first place. Can I get an amen!?


Thanks, McConaughey. We love you around these parts. Knew you’d come through.

No but seriously for a second: Speaking of love, this is all Travis Barker was trying to express. It’s his unique way of doing so. Maybe Kourtney didn’t care for that in this instance. Or maybe after a while the drumming became more like a soothing, snare-induced trance.

Regardless, folks in the comments section on TikTok, and even the hosts of The View felt the need to sound off on the personal lives of celebrities and blast Travis for everything from being a narcissist to a downright annoying nuisance.

Check out the TikTok remarks for yourself. Everything from Kourtney having an angel’s patience, to terms like “ick”, “lame”, to one of The View‘s panelists saying she would’ve wanted to “punch him in the throat.”

I will say there were some positive reactions, too. You wanna know more about what I think, with some fun personal anecdotes thrown in? Regardless, here it all comes.

Talk sh*t all you want about appropriate contexts, but world-class musicians are the way they are for a reason. Their creativity knows few bounds. They’re compelled to play their instrument.

One guy from my high school who carried his guitar around every day to every single class wound up being a raging success as a musician. His name is Aaron Lee Tasjan. Also, high-key flex, I played in a band in high school with Josh Dun, now the drummer of Twenty One Pilots.

Josh was so singularly focused on playing drums whenever or however he could, did not give a f*ck what anyone thought, and now look at him.

Just saying.

Travis was doing what he felt in his heart was the thing to do in this situation. Any man has to feel a little useless and unsure how to comfort the love of his life as she goes through the ordeal of bringing a child into this world. To many strangers on the Internet and on television, drumming is not the way to go. I say cut Travis some slack.

Weird to blast this footage onto TikTok on Travis’ part? Definitely. Unconventional to bring your snare into the delivery room? You bet. But I’d invite everyone to just, you know, chill the f*ck out. Indications are the baby has arrived smoothly, and this family has a whole life ahead of themselves to enjoy. Perhaps let that be the main takeaway.

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