Colin Cowherd Throws Gas On The Aaron Rodgers Conspiracy Theory Fire: “How Is He Healing So Fast?”

Colin Cowherd
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Going into this season, there was a ton of hype surrounding the New York Jets.

The Jets were coming off a tough 7-10 2022 campaign, but considering they had a great defense, and young offensive weapons like wide receiver Garrett Wilson and running back Breece Hall, all they needed was a quarterback…

So they went out and got 39-year-old future Hall of Famer Aaron Rodgers. However, the hype was short lived, as Rodgers tore his Achilles tendon on the fourth play of the first game of the season, and just like that his 2023 season was over.

Now, the Jets have to deal with first round bust Zach Wilson at quarterback, and their offense is arguably the worst in the NFL.

If you know anything about Achilles tears, then you know that it’s an extremely long process to recover from, normally taking up to a full year to recover. Some people never recover from the injury at all, as it still tends to linger at times.

But, a while back, Rodgers made an intriguing announcement about a possible return this season while on The Pat McAfee Show:

“I think what I’d like to say is give me the doubts. Give me the doubts, give me the media, the timetables, all the things that you think can should or will happen, because all I need is that one little extra percent of inspiration.

That’s all I need. So give me your… doubts, give me your prognostications, and then watch what I’ll do.”

And sure enough, two months later he was walking, and was even seen throwing the football really well:

Needless to say, this recovery process has been nothing short of a miracle. We’re talking about an injury that’s been known to end careers, and Rodgers is recovering from it like he just broke his piggy toe…

Or, did he actually tear his Achilles at all? It’s 2023, and it’s no secret that conspiracy theories run rampant nowadays. But, as I said earlier, Rodgers is literally planning a return this season, after an injury that normally sidelines you for at least nine months.

Not to mention, the guy is 39-years-old, so it isn’t like his body is able to recover as quickly as it did when he was 25. And one of the people who is buying into the “Rodgers didn’t actually tear his Achilles” conspiracy?

No other than Colin Cowherd (Well, kinda).

Cowherd told Logan Ryan on his show this week:

“What do you make… there’s so much misinformation out there. I saw a story today. And I’m not blaming anybody for this take. But the take was sort, maybe he didn’t rupture an Achilles. Now, I’m not… again, I don’t have a strong opinion on it. I don’t know.

I’m not a doctor. I don’t know about vaccines. I took a vaccine during COVID. I’m not an epidemiologist. Right? Like… So I watched the Aaron thing and I’m like, ‘How is he healing so fast?’

There has been a theory, Jason McIntyre, my co-host here, had made the theory that [Robert] Salah and the GM love Aaron being around the field and talking this way because it gives them hope.

And the impulsive ownership will just feel like it’s hope. Don’t make changes. I don’t know what’s going on. But you played this game, if you ruptured your Achilles, there’s NO WAY, you’re a DB, but what do you just make of the whole circus of the injury and Aaron and on the field and the throwing and talk about coming back? How does it land for you?”

Logan then replied:

“I always thought the Achilles was the kiss of death. When older players get the Achilles, like, it’s over.”

A very intriguing theory I must say. Now I’m not one to fall deep into conspiracy theories…

Ok maybe I am, but this is one I really can get behind. I don’t care if you love or hate Aaron Rodgers, he’s good for the NFL when he’s healthy, and he’s still one of the most exciting quarterbacks to watch, so I hope he’s back very soon.

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