University Of Arizona Miscalculates Finances By $240 MILLION And Now They May Have To Cut Some Sports

University of Arizona
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This is one of those follies of humankind that you look at and wonder, “How on Earth could this have happened?”

The University of Arizona was a cool near-quarter of a billion dollars off on how much cash they’d have for the upcoming fiscal year, as reported on by

I mean…wow.

Per the report, the faculty senate had their monthly meeting earlier this week to discuss the fiasco. Hence why a physics professor was quoted and suggested selling off the entire athletic department. University president Robert Robbins spoke of “draconian cuts” due to the clerical error.

Chief financial officer Lisa Rulney is presumably in charge of overseeing whichever team was in charge of fiscal forecasting at the university. Robbins defended Rulney during the tense meeting, even after a human development/family science professor inquired as to why or how Rulney still had a job.

I’d have to say, purely as an impartial outside observer and not fully knowing all the facts, I preliminarily, emphatically concur with that line of questioning.

It had already been decided upon before this bombshell dropped that the university was going to have a 2% budget cut as it was. Cutting certain sports, hiring freezes, and land leasing are all on the table to help make ends meet.

But this is a full-blown disaster. You can’t even call this a mere “accounting error.” How does a group of professionals let this happen? Damn. I’m surprised a full-on brawl didn’t break out at the faculty meeting.

As Arizona’s football program prepares for a move to the Big 12 conference next season, this isn’t exactly the vibe the Wildcats want to come in with as they break ground on a new frontier. Although it’s more of a basketball school traditionally, Arizona football is easily three times more net profitable than men’s basketball.

Tough scene in Tucson. Hope the administrators can scramble and figure this mess out.

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