If There Were Olympics For Animals, This Deer Would Be A Long Jump Gold Medalist

Deer hits truck in New Jersey
Jay Vaughn

One of the many wonders of modern technology is the doorbell camera, and never in this hopeful truck seller’s wildest dreams could there have been any foreseeing this deer leaping from off the driveway, over another vehicle, and into the truck bed.

I’m telling you, if we live IN A SOCIETY that accepts horse races and dog tracks as forms of entertainment, what’s the harm in guiding some creatures toward a sand pit and watching them do things like this:

BOOM. The poor guy who was trying to purchase this Chevy truck had to have alarmed the owner. Heck, the deer might’ve gotten away before the owner knew what even happened. You want that pickup in pristine condition if you’re going to let it get away.

Due to the deer’s aerial theatrics, we might be looking at a dent or minor scratches on the body right above that right rear tire. Oops!

I just hope the buyer had time to explain away what went down. Or that the human who dwells behind this doorbell camera witnessed the marvelous leap in real time. At least the getaway, anyway.

Quick aside: Don’t doorbell cameras freak you out a bit? Maybe that’s a “me” thing. Either that or I’ve seen HAL from 2001: A Space Odyssey a few too many times and am anticipating an AI takeover at some point.

For real though. This deer is an absolute sensation. To get that type of height and distance on a leap of that length? Simply incredible. Despite a bit of a rough landing, I’d score it a full-on 10/10. There was no measuring up before the jump was made. This was pure instinct, in the moment athleticism. You can’t help but be most impressed.

Will report back if there’s any follow-up on how the truck deal went down. I’m assuming the extraordinary circumstances didn’t hold up the sale. Perhaps a mere pit stop at the body shop on the way home for the new driver. Let’s also hope that buck got to where he needed to go.

Time was evidently of the essence…

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