Aaron Rodgers Throwing Bombs Ahead Of Monday Night Football Pretty Much Confirms He’ll Be Back This Season

Aaron Rodgers jets

How is this even possible?

I know that this latest video probably part of Aaron Rodgers’ plan for media coverage, and I don’t care. I’m falling hook, line, and sinker for all of the football throwing footage that the injured New York Jets quarterback is putting out.

At this point, I’m more excited to watch Aaron throw on the sideline than the actual Monday Night Football game between the Jets and the Los Angeles Chargers.

When they laid out the primetime schedule, this one was definitely worthy of a circle on the calendar, but that’s because it was supposed to be Aaron Rodgers versus Justin Herbert. Now we get Herbert versus Zach Wilson…

Even without Rodgers playing though, the matchup will draw some numbers. This video of Aaron just casually strolling into the stadium and not looking like he just tore his achilles eight weeks ago will probably draw in some additional viewers:

Just so you know, return to sport from an achilles injury usually takes 8 to 12 months, with the 8 month mark usually being a long shot. The fastest recovery the NFL has ever seen is running back Cam Akers, who had surgery and came back in less than six months.

Rodgers is trying to come back and play quarterback in less than four months.

He’s staying optimistic about his return, initially saying he would be trying to come back and play if the Jets made it to the playoffs (which would in the beginning of January).

The idea of him coming back this season is probably helping Rodger stay focused and motivated in his rehab, and his expedited recovery timeline is certainly passing the eye test.

That video of him walking normally was impressive enough, that is until he got out onto the field during the team’s pre-game warmups and zipped a couple of passes. You can tell he isn’t going full speed by any means, but it’s still remarkable that he’s able to drop back and pass like this not even two months removed from his devastating injury.

Take a look:

I’m currently checking the sports books to see what the odds are on Rodgers coming back this season. Just look at these bombs he was throwing. Put him in the shotgun and let him play right now:

Social media was on board with me, having a hard time believing he was already doing drop backs and launching passes out on the football field:

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