Tyler Childers Announces “Registration/Face Value Exchange” For His Mule Pull ’24 Tour To Try & Ensure Affordable Ticket Prices

Tyler Childers country music
Tyler Childers

Tyler Childers was already viewed as one of country music’s brightest stars thanks to his soulful music, and now he’s doing the Lord’s work by making sure his fans can afford to come and see him on his Mule Pull 2024 Tour.

Anyone who has attended a concert or sporting event recently knows how ridiculously expensive tickets can be. The exorbitant fees and ads on even led fellow country artist Zach Bryan to name one of his live albums All My Homies Hate TicketMaster.

When you buy a ticket nowadays, the “price breakdown” usually looks a little something like this:

-Price: $78.43

-Purchasing Fee: $6.31

-Convenience Fee: $7.85

-Transfer Fee: $5.90

-Just For Good Measure Fee: $7.00

-What Are You Gonna Do About It? Fee: $11.21

-Total: $130 (we added a $13.30 tip for ourselves)

I really do wish I was joking about that, but to be honest, the reality of the ticket price breakdown is pretty damn close to that right there.

Tyler Childers and many other artists know that, and are doing everything in their power to ensure that the prices for their concerts are reasonable, and allow for anyone that would want to come and see them to be there.

That’s why Childers and his 2024 Mule Pull Tour have recently opted into an “Artist Registration/Face Value Exchange” system, which was described to fans as this:

“Tickets for this run of shows will be in high demand, therefore artist registration through Ticketmaster will be used for all dates to ensure more tickets get into the hands of fans who want to go the show, not buyers looking to resell them.

In an effort to help minimize resale and keep ticket prices at face value for fans, tickets will be restricted from transfer. They may only be resold at the original purchase price.

Fans will have still protection against unforeseen circumstances. Those who purchase tickets and are no longer able to attend their show will be able to sell their tickets at the price they paid using the Ticketmaster face value exchange.”

Everyone on social media has been thanking Childers for doing this, while also wondering why every artist doesn’t do this exact same thing?

Childers has been somewhat of a trendsetter in the music industry, so maybe other artists will follow his leadership with this “Face Value Exchange” method of ticket sales.

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