If You’re Going To Call This Texas Southern Tuba Player A Band Geek, Be Prepared To Get Repeatedly Punched In The Face

Band geek punch

Yeah, joke’s on this clown of a young man who decided to get in the face of a Texas Southern marching band member while he was trying to do his thing and make music.

Look, the tuba player is providing a valuable service to your school and contributing to the atmosphere of a college football game. That’s an awesome thing. If you’re going to make fun of him, you deserve what’s coming to you. And what was coming to this moron in this instance was a mean right hand to the mug:

Alternate angle:

I legitimately don’t know if the tuba player brushed up on boxing/MMA/etc. or enrolled in some kind of self-defense class as a preemptive measure to protect himself from “band geek” hecklers. Or maybe he can just naturally throw hands like that. Regardless, this is one of the more cathartic “fight at sporting event!” pieces of content I’ve seen.

It’s one thing when a bunch of grown-a** men decide to get into an inebriated scuffle at, say, an NFL game. That’s just pathetic to me. Grow up. Find another outlet for your unexpressed, feral, insecure male aggression.

This, though? I’m all for it. Marching band guy knocked idiotic guy out cold on his feet. Sent him tumbling into the opposite cluster of bleachers.

I guess this stupid bully didn’t learn his lesson from Halloween Ends.

As the filmmakers from that totally-not-logic-bending movie have revealed to the masses, modern-day marching band personnel can beat the crap out of the most fierce and formidable fellas. Even an individual who aspires to take up the mantle of one Michael Myers (and who beats Michael in a fight!).

Felt like I had to fit this reference in, because it’s one of the most ridiculous narrative stretches in 21st century cinema.

Anyway, good on the Texas Southern tuba player for sticking up for himself. The best part? Like the true pro that he is, the guy goes right back to playing the heck out of his instrument. Texas Southern had better give this consummate professional a full-ride music scholarship if he doesn’t have one already.

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