Tim McGraw Says We Need “Common Sense” Gun Policies: “There Should Be Some Red Flag Laws”

Tim McGraw
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There are a lot of artists who don’t like speaking on political issues – and for good reason.

Notably, Dolly Parton always avoids talking politics because she knows that no matter what she says, she’s going to alienate half of her fanbase.

But there are others who have no problem making their opinions known.

Jason Aldean immediately comes to mind as somebody who’s never been afraid to speak out on hot topics, along with names like Maren Morris, Jason Isbell, or John Rich.

Tim McGraw hasn’t generally been one to jump into the political debate: He even awkwardly refused to comment on the controversy surrounding Aldean’s newest song, “Try That In a Small Town.”

But during a recent interview with Time, McGraw dove headfirst into the political debate with his comments on former President Donald Trump, calling January 6th “one of the saddest days in our country’s history” and saying that he didn’t want to give Trump any air:

“From my perspective and my world, that’s just so far out there that I can’t even put words to it. I want what’s best for our country. I want what’s best for the majority of people in our country.

I think that everybody deserves the right to live their life in the best way that they possibly can and to soar in the best way. I think that we certainly need to get back to some civility, on both sides.”

And he also weighed in on two of the most controversial issues in politics: Abortion and gun control.

When asked about his top political priorities, McGraw mentioned that he was pro-choice because of his wife and daughters:

“I’m a dad of three daughters and have a wife. I want to see a world where my daughters have control of every decision.

Whether it be medically, personally, or the way they want to live their lives. I support a woman’s right to choose. That’s between a family, their doctor, and their God, and I don’t think anybody else has any business being a part of that.”

And he also said that although he supports the Second Amendment, he believes there needs to be some restrictions on gun rights:

“I’m a bird hunter. I grew up duck hunting in Louisiana. I still love to bird hunt. But I think there should be common sense policies. I think there should be some red flag laws. And I don’t see any issue with that. And I think most of America agrees with that.

I don’t understand why we can’t just all figure it out. But I’m not going to sit here and say I want to take everybody’s guns away. It really has nothing to do with the Second Amendment. It has everything to do with just good policy.”

We’ll see how that goes over with his fan base…although I’d say that at this point in his career, Tim McGraw probably doesn’t really care.

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