On This Date: Zach Bryan Lit Up A Snow Filled Red Rocks Amphitheatre For Legendary Show

Zach Bryan
Zach Bryan

A whole year has passed since Zach Bryan’s magical Red Rocks snowy show. And despite the fact that an entire year has passed, and not an ounce of envy has left me for those in the crowd that night.

The snow-filled Red Rocks show was nothing short of a dream. Zach Bryan was rapidly ascending to musical superstardom (look at where he is now)and the crowd was ELECTRIC, as Zach and company pushed through freezing temps and snow to gut out a once in a lifetime performance.

As the Morrison, Colorado show was the last stop on his American Heartbreak tour, Zach Bryan was bound and determined to make the show happen even if the parks department told him to cancel. He told fans that the venue and officials told him to cancel the show and postpone it for a later date due to the impending blizzard that was set to start.

Despite being told that Zach Bryan had to make some modifications, the show went on. Sadly, that meant cutting out opening Charles Wesley Godwin, but I think he’d agree that it was well worth it as Bryan brought him out for some songs, and he could still experience the magic in the crowd that evening.

This Red Rocks show was also the performance that led to All My Homies Hate Ticketmaster, his 2022 live album recorded that fateful night. Even for a show that was “cut short,” he still managed to crank out 23 songs.

Zach took to Instagram today to relive the magic:

“A year ago today changed my life forever, it was the first time I ever played Red Rocks.

It was 20 degrees and snowing all night, the parks department tried cancelling the show and the boys and me decided we were there for a reason. I look back on this day often because I had no idea how complicated all this sh*t could get, and this was a day I felt no weight at all, just some boys playing in the snow.

I love you guys and I really appreciate every single person who listens to my music and most important; thank you for this memory that I get to keep forever. Happy one year to snow rocks.”

I could sit here all day and talk about how I lived vicariously through every single video clip taken that evening, but that still does not do it justice. Y’all need to check it out for yourselves.

“Something In The Orange”

“Jamie” With Charles Wesley Godwin


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