Full On Brawl Breaks Out Between Morgan State Football Team & Norfolk State Marching Band

College football fight

Whenever we see fights occur at football games, they typically happen between players on the field, or between fans in the stands. And of course, on certain occasions we see players get into altercations with fans.

However, I can honestly say that I’ve never in my life seen a fight break out between players and… the band?

A full on brawl broke out between the Morgan State football team, and the Norfolk State marching band this past Saturday. In the wild video footage, you can see a handful of Morgan State players wailing on a few members of the Norfolk State band, with them throwing hands right back.

Of course, it’s never a good idea to have players and band members from opposing schools sharing the same tunnel, because this is just a recipe disaster. I’d still just love to know what incited this whole situation.

I’d really like to think that a nerdy band member was talking some mad sh*t to a football player, but there is still no known reason for the altercation at this time, aside from the claim that someone was allegedly hit with a flag pole by mistake.

Morgan State ultimately defeated Norfolk State 32-28.

Following the game, Morgan State’s VP of Athletics Dena Freeman-Patton sent out the following statement:

“Congratulations to our Bears football team on a great comeback victory in a very competitive game against the Norfolk State University Spartans.

We thank Norfolk State for hosting us during their homecoming celebration. Norfolk State has a great campus with a great sports atmosphere, and we look forward to future competitions against the Spartans.

Apart from the positive aspects of the game and its outcome, it has come to our attention that during the day’s activities, an incident transpired resulting in an altercation between parties from both universities, particularly involving members of the football team and the Spartan band.

This matter is currently being investigated and will result in any appropriate actions needed to be taken. What transpired off the field is not reflective of what Morgan State University stands for or the core values it upholds.”

Check it out:


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