Airplane Passenger Ignites Heated Debate Furiously Defending Her Right To Recline

Airplane passenger

You gotta fight… for your right… to RECLINE.

While I’m not entirely sure that the world has forgotten about the airplane passenger from back in August who claimed she saw something spooky on the plane…we all know the video clip. And as you read that sentence, I am sure that “That mother f**ker is not real” is playing through your head.

Well, that crazy airplane lady has officially been replaced.

Video footage of an enraged airplane passenger yelling at a fellow passenger is WILD. A woman on an unidentified flight rips into another passenger who allegedly spent the whole flight trying to push up her reclined seat.

While you can recline your seats on flights, we all know that is not the most pleasant thing to sit behind. While most would grin and bear it, I guess this woman was unhappy with the person behind her.

“The whole trip, she pushin’ my seat!”

The woman says, with a thick southern accent.

“No, you seen it! You know she did! I’m allowed to put my seat back! I’m allowed to put my seat back! I’m allowed. To. Put. My. Seat. Back.”

She yells at the other passenger with a wild streak in her eye.

While the video from the original TikTok poster has been taken down since the incident, the video clip went wildly viral in the short time it was up, leading to major news sources picking it up.

@dailymail ‘I’m ALLOWED to put my SEAT BACK’ #fyp #airplane #plane #viral #airplanefreakout #trending ♬ original sound – Daily Mail

People in the comments are split 50/50 on whether this woman is right or wrong. While seats do recline for a reason, with how tight airplanes are these days (especially if you are not flying first class), it can be a little uncomfortable with the small amount of leg room becoming smaller.

But then again, if they recline, and you recline… isn’t balanced restored?

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