The Internet Is Unwell After Kim Kardashian’s Daughter North West Eats A Raw Onion Like An Apple

Kardashian kid

This was not on my bingo card for this season of The Kardashians. As a pop culture addict, of course, I watch the silly little TV show about the Kardashians. Is it probably slowly rotting my brain…yeah. Does it give me serotonin? Also yes.

While the show primarily focuses on the sister trio and the Jenner sisters, this week, North West, Kim’s oldest with ex-husband Kanye West, made an appearance while Kim talks about how North is her “lesson.”

“She teaches me patience… she teaches me a lot about life.”

After this segment of the show, there is one thing for sure. THAT is Kanye’s kid. While hanging out with her mom, North eats an onion like an apple, and the internet is not well after watching the unhinged behavior. Not even peeled, either…

If my kid did this, I think she’d teach me patience, too. I think I’d say some out-of-pocket comment that would hurt my kid’s feelings before I’d let them eat a raw onion straight.

North is straight-up giving the Grinch from this clip.

@kardashfanss The onion😂 #northwest #north #kanyewest #kimkardashian #kardashians #kimkardashianwest #thekardashians #hulu ♬ original sound – Kardash Fanss

Logistically, I have questions for North. Are you doing this because you actually like raw onion? Do you eat it all? Is it not spicy as hell? How many mints do you need after finishing it? North is probably the most real out of the Kardashian/Jenner crew, and while they do live this lavish life, at least one of them is a little quirky.

At the end of the clip, North humbles her mom so quickly that I genuinely burst out laughing. The producers ask North what she thinks about the legal work that he mom does, and she replies:

“What does she do?” 

However, that moment gets overshadowed by the unhinged onion eating.

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