Minnesota Mailman Absolutely Smokes A Big Buck With Mail Van

Mailman hits deer

If your mail is late in Minnesota, you’re gonna know why…

You gotta hate seeing any animal get hit on the road, but when you live in rural areas, it’s a way of life. Racoons, possums, squirrels, and everything in between, but it just seems to hurt a bit more when it’s a mature buck.

Regardless of the size though, nothing is worse than hitting a deer. Even small deer seem to be big enough to cause a lot of damage. Especially on todays vehicles…

On average deer weigh around 130 pounds and stand 3.5 feet at the shoulder. Just high enough to rip right into the grill of your vehicle.

Deer have it rough, though. Right from day one the world is out to get them, with everything that can eat them trying to do it. If they fight off predators and make it to maturity, that’s when they get big enough to get hunters chasing after them too.

Between predators, hunters, CWD, other diseases and infections, rough climates, scarce food and traffic, it’s a hard life for a deer.

And this was a bad day for this buck and mailman. This farmer was harvesting a field in Southern Minnesota, taking a video of this beauty buck at the edge of the road.

The deer walked towards the road and you can see it all coming. Just as the mail van gets there, the buck jumps out. BOOM…

The van hits it and sends that deer flying through the air at high speeds, skidding across the blacktop for quite a distance before coming to a stop in the ditch. The mail van’s front end is completely destroyed, hood smashed up, grill in pieces, headlights broken… it’s chaos.

If you think harvesting a field can get monotonous, think again… this guy had a front row seat to an absolutely wild scene.

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