Dude In A Costume Pretends To Be An Injured Bear, Scares The Bejesus Out Of Man Coming To Investigate

Guy in a bear suit

I know Halloween was yesterday, but this is still enough to get my heart racing even though spooky season is officially over. I’ll admit, I’m a pretty jumpy person.

Maybe it’s because my dad showed me the infamous jump scare video of the car driving down a scenic road, and all of a sudden a zombie-like creature jumps on the screen and screams right in your face (anybody who had a computer in the early 2000s knows this video), and that’s just some trauma you can’t undo.

But seriously, somebody could casually tap me on the shoulder and I’d flinch a little bit. I don’t even have a desire to go to a haunted house, because I can’t find a good reason to pay money to get the everlivin’ sh*t scared out of me.

So, if I found myself in the position that this man was in, I probably would’ve had a heart attack on the spot.

In this hilarious video, you can see what appears to be a bear lying on the side of a gravel road, appearing to be severely hurt. A man is parked and gets out of his car, looking like he’s trying to help the hurt bear.

The people videoing are saying the whole time:

“He’s hurt, they’ve gotta put him down sis. Oh he’s so beautiful, poor thing.”

“Dude don’t get close.”

Next thing you know, the bear lunges at the man, and you hear everybody in the car behind gasp in fear. However, it’s just a guy in a bear costume playing a sick prank. Perhaps the funniest part is the car ahead takes off in the other direction, leaving the man behind.

Honestly, he’s lucky he didn’t get shot that way. Not only is an injured bear suffering, it can be aggressive and dangerous because it inability to hunt for food. Putting it out of its misery is usually the best course of action.

Check it out:

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