Ashley Monroe Announces New Single “Over Everything” Dropping Soon

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HELL yes.

Ashley Monroe announced today that she has a new single titled “Over Everything” dropping in a couple weeks on November 17th.

She shared the cover photo on Instagram, saying that it’s the start of “a new chapter,” and also tagged producer Gena Johnson and writers Scott Stepakoff and Alan Anderson as collaborators, so it seems likely this song was a group effort by those four:

“A new chapter begins November 17th. Pre-save ‘Over Everything.'”

You might also know Mrs. Monroe as one third of the Pistol Annies and a close friend of Miranda Lambert, though she is one helluva stellar solo artist in her own right and has been one of my very favorites for a long time now.

The East Tennessee native has released five studio albums including the Grammy-nominated The Blade in 2015. Nominated for Best Country Album, the award ended up going to Chris Stapleton’s Traveller that year.

Monroe most recently putting out Rosegold in 2021, though that one was certainly quite a bit different for her sonically and didn’t find her leaning as much into her country sensibilities as it did pop.

Her debut album Like A Rose will forever be in my top 10 list of favorite records, but we’ll have to wait and see if this single finds her returning to her country roots or continuing her journey exploring different sounds.

I’m hopeful this means that she has another incredible country album coming our way sometime in 2024…

And because I’ve had her song “The Blade” (written by Marc Beeson, Jamie Floyd and Allen Shamblin) on repeat, I’ll leave you with this masterpiece…

“The Blade”

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