If You’re Not Listening To Ashley Monroe, You’re Doing It Wrong

Ashley Monroe country music

Appalachian girls know their way around a country song… and there’s one who doesn’t get nearly the credit she deserves.

A stellar solo artist, one third of the Pistol Annies, and a longtime favorite of Luke Combs, Ashley Monroe is a must-listen for any fan of real deal country music. And while she’s Grammy-nominated and sings on a #1 single with Blake Shelton, she remains criminally underrated.

Releasing her first full-length studio album in 2006, the East Tennessee native has released four studio albums including the Grammy-nominated The Blade in 2015. Nominated for Best Country Album, the award ended up going to Chris Stapleton’s Traveller that year.

That being said, if you’re not already on the Ashley Monroe train, here’s five songs that’ll convince you.

1. “Like A Rose” – Like a Rose

An absolute stunner of a song. There’s a lot in Ashely’s life that led to her leaving home, but not without a whole lot of heartbreak. Fortunately, all of it made her who she is and the song title is an indication as to how she came out of it all.

2. “Two Weeks Late” – Like a Rose

Small town life might as well be the equivalent of living under a microscope, and when it comes to relationships, forget about it. Throw in a pregnancy scare for good measure, and there’s a whole lot of things that might be two weeks late. Ashley gives us the full rundown on this clever, catchy track.

3. “Keys to the Kingdom” – Sparrow

This one’s a vulnerable song that focuses on the power of music and how it gave her comfort and hope. It’s a beautiful tribute to the healing power of writing songs and making authentic music.

4. “Hands On You” – Sparrow

A sexy track that finds Ashley wishing she would’ve done more with the man, instead of regretting it now. There was a lot left unsaid, but not enough left undone, if ya know what I mean.

5. “Dixie” – The Blade

It’s her ironic prayer to get out of where she’s from. Sure, the weather’s nice, but have you ever broken the fifth commandment or been scolded for stepping out of line? Begging for a fresh start, she sings, “I’ll be damned if I go down in Dixie when I die.”

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