Former Classmate Of Taylor Swift Recalls “Petty” Invitation To 2009 CMA Awards That Was Really A “F*ck You” To Her High School

Taylor Swift
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Taylor Swift wasn’t exactly the popular girl you’d imagine back in high school.

Though she’s now one of the biggest stars in the world (even before her current relationship with star Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce) Taylor’s former classmate Jessica McLane shared a viral TikTok about Taylor back in the day that paints a different picture of the superstar.

She recalled that most people didn’t like Taylor very much, which she attributed largely to “jealousy”:

“In 2006, I’m a freshman in high school. Taylor is I think a junior. ‘Teardrops on my Guitar’ had just come out I think over the summer. Obviously, she got really big, and that’s the year that she left school and got homeschooled.

Something you need to know about Hendersonville High School  when she first started becoming super successful is that most people hated her. Keep in mind, these are her peers.

These aren’t just random people on the internet. She’s literally like, what 16 or 17, leaving high school to pursue a career that people were telling her that she could never have, you know.”

She added that the guys Taylor was writing all the songs about were still in school, and probably didn’t love having hit songs about them on the radio as her career was exploding.

Rumors swirled about how Taylor was happening upon all this newfound fame, but Jessica says:

“But the fact remains that there were not a lot of people in high school who had nice things to say about her.”

Well, fast forward to 2009, when Jessica was a senior in high school, and Taylor actually invited the entire senior class to the 2009 Country Music Association Awards.

They were all excited to go, and she obviously had a huge year that year, making history as the youngest artist to receive the entertainer of the year award at just 19. She also won the titles for female vocalist of the year, music video of the year for “Love Story” and album of the year for “Fearless.”

Clearly, that was all just the start of a massive career for Taylor, who got her start in country, but is now a mega pop star with millions of fans all over the world.

Apparently, Taylor can be pretty petty herself, though, as Jessica noted that Midnights was conveniently released on Kim Kardashian’s birthday, who’s the ex-wife of Taylor’s former foe Kanye West (who infamously interrupted her during her VMA speech in 2009):

“It’s gonna be released on Kim Kardashian’s birthday. That’s when I start realizing Taylor’s a petty bitch.

And then I start learning about all the other petty things Taylor has done over they years.

That’s when it hit Jessica why Taylor really invited them to the CMA’s all those years ago…

“Y’all, she invited us to the CMA’s to say ‘F*ck you.’ And we deserved it.

So to Taylor, touché. That was a good one.”

I mean, I think she’s onto something here… this is the best Taylor theory I’ve heard (and the only one I really understand) so far.

I’m not a huge Swifty by any means, but for some reason, this story makes me like Taylor a helluva lot more. Petty bitches just get each other (I kid, I kid, kind of )…

Here’s the full video, it’s a pretty entertaining watch:

@jessicamclane Everything Ms. Swift does is intentional. 👀@Taylor Swift #taylorswift #taylornation #swifttok #taylorsversion ♬ original sound – Jessica McLane

Here’s Taylor’s performance of “Fifteen” from the show that night:

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