Josh McDaniels Passed On Will Levis So That Jimmy G Could Airmail Davante Adams Twice On Monday Night Football

Davontae Adams Raiders

I mean, y’all. Y’all. This is too much. I can’t even process.

I hate to remind you, Las Vegas Raiders fans, that you had a chance to draft Will Levis seventh overall. Did you happen to see the Greek-god-looking Titans quarterback drop beautiful dots from Mount Olympus on Sunday? Levis’ deep TDs were, like, dropped out of a helicopter.

Meanwhile, Davante Adams was freaking the f*ck out on the sidelines after Jimmy Garoppolo โ€” whose most famous throw is overshooting a potential winning TD in a Super Bowl โ€” failed to connect on two deep shots in the fourth quarter.

I’d get into trouble, I think, if I transcribed what I believe Davante had to say here after the Raiders turned it over on downs in their own territory for the second straight possession.

All told, for the evening, Davante Adams was targeted seven times and managed only one catch for 11 yards. You almost have to try to be that incompetent if you’re the head coach-QB brainiac tandem of Josh McDaniels and Jimmy G. Davante did drop a pass (it was behind him but whatever).

Still, we’re talking two HUGE gains and touchdowns that Garoppolo flat-out missed.

I had to invoke some insider lingo from J.T. O’Sullivan’s QB School that should go mainstream into the collective public football consciousness.

Jimmy’s “never-in-history” throws mean this: Never in the history of football could his passes on those two critical plays have been caught by anyone. Put Victor Wembanyama’s eight-foot wingspan out there and give him Tyreek Hill’s speed. OK maybe on the second one, but the first? It’s YARDS out of bounds. No chance.

What is “WAO,” you ask? Wide. A**. Open.

The Raiders have gotten next to nothing from their seventh overall pick edge defender Tyree Wilson this year. Obviously they needed defensive help, but after Levis’ electrifying four-TD debut in Tennessee, it’s even funnier that Las Vegas rolled with Garoppolo in 2023, thinking it’d actually lead to a bunch of winning.

I’ll never stop laughing at the idiocy of ex-New England disciples who try to go elsewhere and bottle Bill Belichick’s Patriot Way, hoping it’ll be replicated or even improved at their new spot. Because they’ll put their own spin on it and definitely not just try to copy Belichick blow-by-blow without any of their own actual personality attached to it.

McDaniels and his ex-Pat GM Dave Ziegler, of course, reunited with Garoppolo and kicked Derek Carr to the curb as quickly as they could. How’s that working out, fellas!? Wait, can Carr hit receivers in-stride deep down the field…? No WAY right? No way

DIME. Too bad Carr was busy tonight icing up and kicking back after a WIN on Sunday. Oops!

The ego-driven decision-making and audacious stupidity would be endearing if rumor had it that McDaniels was a good guy. Not to be confused with Mike McDaniel… Josh McDaniels is the worst by all accounts.

You could say, “Well hey, he dialed up these plays for Davante and he’s wide-open for touchdowns!” Yeah, but he also hand-picked his beloved quarterback. Someone who could run the system he has such a superiority complex about but can’t find a way within it to get Hunter Renfrow the ball.

Remember that guy, Hunter Renfrow? Who had 103 receptions in 2021 when the Raiders went to the playoffs? Yeah. He now has 10 catches this season in eight games. Listen, I’m not alone. There are real football people who’ve played in the league who are baffled by this, too.

I will continue to put Josh McDaniels on blast when he loses to opposing QBs like Tyson Bagent and until Mark Davis pulls the plug on “Patriots AFC West” as I like to call it. Certainly I’m not the first to give this Raiders football operation that condescending nickname. Fitting for a coach whose very nature is condescension, know-it-all antics and who, meanwhile, is the dysfunctional catalyst of his own destruction.

Can you hear that sound, Josh? I think it’s Mark Davis’ fax machine from several doors down. You know he’s old school. Oh wait! I think a message is coming through!

Back to the future fax


Yep, that’s from Back to the Future Part II. Too bad McDaniels can’t pull a Biff, go back in time to run the season back, and cheat like the cheater he’s always been by getting his hands on the current edition of this bad boy…

Back to the future almanac

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