Justin Moore Splits His Pants On Stage During A Show: “SPLIT My Pants, I Did Not Poop My Pants”

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Those are the things that can happen during a live show…

We’ve probably all split our pants at some point. Sure, it’s embarrassing…but we’ve probably never done it in front of thousands of people like Justin Moore.

Well unfortunately Justin had a wardrobe malfunction last night during his show at the Hertz Center in Estero, Florida. While performing the Waylon Jennings classic “Theme from The Dukes of Hazzard (Good Ol’ Boys),” Justin apparently went a little too hard – and dropped it a little too low – ripping his jeans in the process.

Justin got up and did what we all do in that situation: Back away slowly and cover your ass with your hands.

But apparently there was some confusion when Justin went to the microphone to talk to his team to tell them that he split…SPLIT…his pants.

After exiting the stage for a quick wardrobe change, Justin walked back to the microphone to address the situation with the crowd:

“That is a first right there. I’m sorry for those of you who viewed something you did not want to see…

I heard and felt a pop and I knew it was bad.”

He then held up the ripped jeans to show the crowd the hole, joking that he didn’t realize it was THAT BAD.

“I went back to this microphone back here where we can talk to each other and I go, ‘I just split my pants.’ And I was doing this.”

(And by “this” he means holding his ass. So you can only imagine what it looked like).

“Everybody goes, ‘Oh no, he just sh*t his pants.’ I go, ‘No, I SPLIT my pants.’ I did not poop in my pants.”

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For Justin’s sake I’m glad that was all it was. And since his pants were unsoiled (although they were ripped), he even ended up signing them and handing them off to a cheering fan in the front row.

You never know what’s going to happen at a live show. Just gotta roll with it and laugh at yourself like Justin did.

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