This 2015 ‘Dr. Phil’ Episode With A Crazed Fan Who Divorced Her Husband To Be With Kip Moore Is Wild

Dr. Phil Kip Moore fan
Dr. Phil/Kip Moore

A new level of fandom or borderline stalker? How is this episode of Dr. Phil not talked about more…

Back in 2015, Kip Moore had a crazed fan who went on Dr. Phil’s show and shared she was so in love with Kip Moore that she served her husband divorce papers.

The 26-year-old Jenna Fulk went on the hit talk show to share her love story (or hoped to have been) with Dr. Phil and the rest of the nation. The super fan claimed she felt an intense connection during her first Kip Moore concert.

“It was an instant connection, love at first sight. The minute he stared into my eyes, I’ve never felt something so strongly in my life.” 

She details that he signed her back after the show and hugged her. After the hug, she begged him to take her home with him, and while he thought it was a joke, she was being earnest.

“If Kip would be willing, I will marry him and run off to Hawaii, and I’ll have his surfer babies.”

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While Jenna was married at the time, after her second Kip Moore concert, she served her husband with divorce papers. She texted him that she knew they weren’t happy and couldn’t go on together, claiming Kip made her feel safer than her husband ever did.

During her time on Dr. Phil, she says that she was front row, and he “made a point” to sing a verse to her. She described the feeling as “the most intense thing she had felt.”

As the show went on, Jenna’s husband joined her on stage and said she was delusional for thinking she and Moore would be together. As the episode continues, it turns into a marriage spat between the couple, to the point where Dr. Phil asks if this is even real life.

“Are y’all jacking with me? You’re serving your husband with a restraining order. You’ve got ‘Marry Me Kip Moore’ painted on the back of your window, and you’re selling his shi*t in a yard sale.

….What are you 12?”

The whole situation is WILD.

In the end, after Jenna had reached out to Kip’s team numerous times, the artist put out a statement regarding the situation.

He even spoke about the situation’s aftermath, saying he “wished Jenna the best.” I guess that 12-page front and back letter Jenna wrote Moore was not the way to win over this beach boy’s heart…

“I really go out of my way to really engage with fans. And if you see me after every show, most of the time, I’m signing. I don’t go straight to my bus. I’ll hang out with them. I’ll take pictures with them. I engage with them. And a lot of times, that can be mistaken for other things.

But I don’t want to stop being me because of a few things. I’ve had people tell me that I don’t need to do certain things that I’m doing anymore.”


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