Portland State President Ann Cudd Power Lifts & Throws On Pads For All-Time Great Football Promo

Portland State
Portland State

Now THIS is what you want out of the President of your university.

I’ll be honest, I wasn’t sure what to expect when I first started watching this, mostly because I’m not super familiar with Portland State athletics. After seeing this though, I’m all in on the Vikings of Portland State.

The Vikings take on Eastern Washington this weekend, and as a promotional video for the game, they called Portland State President Ann Cudd to see if she would be interested in helping them out.

I would love to know what the pitch was for President Ann Cudd from the creative video department, considering what she ended up doing for the video. I’d imagine it went something like:

“So we know you are a distinguished professional with multiple degrees, and you take pride in being stoic and formally leading, but do you think you could drop all of that and act like you are a macho football player for a video we are doing?”

You can add “prolific sense of humor” to the impressive resume that Ann Cudd has, because she absolutely killed it in this video for the football team. The Portland State President first wishes one of the football players good luck in the clip, which then turns into a montage of her doing bad ass football things.

Cudd is first shown powdering up her hands to prepare to dead lift, then is seen pushing a weighted sled, followed by an impressive showing of strength as she lifts around 135 pounds as the football team goes crazy behind her.

The video then cuts to Cudd in full helmet and pads running out onto the field with the team, definitely making a case for the best president in all of the country.

Take a look:

An absolute masterpiece.

The video definitely went over well on social media, with some giving the President the nickname of Ann “Jacked” Cudd. She definitely seems to be the kind of leader you want at your university, and hopefully her inclusion in this video will help fire up the team and lead the Vikings to a win this weekend.

And I’m definitely placing a bet on Portland State now…

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