The Denver Nuggets’ NBA Championship Rings Are An Absolute Thing Of Beauty And May Be The Best Of All-Time

Nuggets Ring
Jason of Beverly Hills

If you’ve ever seen better championship rings in any major sport than whatever on this green Earth the bands are that the Denver Nuggets are rocking, do comment or write in some other way.

Tuesday’s opening tip-off to the NBA season was a Western Conference Finals rematch with the Lakers, and even with the 17 titles LA has won, I guarantee you none of their rings were this cool. Don’t even need to check.

Jason of Beverly Hills certainly delivered the goods here. The best part is, Nikola Jokic will be back in Serbia in about 10 years, so beyond over the sport of basketball at that point that he’ll pawn the thing off just for kicks. Or at least he would have if this ring weren’t so impeccably designed.

It’s almost one of those things where you don’t know if it’s real. Am I watching a video graphic or simulated animation of a ring? This looks like an Iron Man/Tony Stark nanotechnology special where nanobots are shapeshifting objects before our very eyes. There’s really, like, a mini-banner nicely tucked into that slide-out piece? Such craftsmanship transcends the mundane.

Other cool details: Player names and numbers are pure gold. Diamonds abound all over the place everywhere. A dial that flips from 1967 — the inauguration year of the franchise — to the year they finally won their first championship. Umm…some kind of silver-to-blue bling arc/wheel that spins behind the cut-out of the Larry O’Brien Trophy, whose basketball also spins!?

I don’t know if that last sentence made sense at all. That’s how mind-boggling this thing is. Words almost fail it. Swooning over here.

Whichever geniuses constructed this masterpiece of jewelry should be commended with the highest honor the industry can provide.

Imagine all the Nuggets fans who are sky-high/stoned to the bone/etc… tonight, picking apart this minute-long video of the rings and playing it on loop all evening. What a fun little scene to picture in one’s mind’s eye.

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