Shedeur Sanders & Travis Hunter Built A Mansion Made Of Bricks At Nuggets-Lakers Pregame Shootaround

Sheduer and Travis Hunter

These guys are everywhere nowadays. Colorado Buffaloes quarterback Shedeur Sanders and two-way extraordinaire Travis Hunter have shined a lot individually for Coach Prime’s buzzy, ascending program this season, but they’ve gone 1-3 in their last four to fall to 4-3 entering Saturday’s game against UCLA.

Let’s hope for Deion’s sake that Shedeur and Hunter don’t let a few misfires on the court carry over to the gridiron. Because my goodness, these gents took the floor before the Los Angeles Lakers squared off with the Denver Nuggets, hoping to thrill fans in attendance.

Or at least presumably so…

Even if it wasn’t “thrilling” you can’t deny these young men are entertaining. I would’ve leaned all the way into that. Chucking up bricks and air balls left and right, I would’ve sprinted a lap around the court, egging the crowd on, and then — please, please — drill one shot before I was finished.

Then this would be my move:

I don’t think these guys will lose too much sleep over a little humbling. They got to be there for a ring ceremony. Who knows? One of them might pick up something like those of the Super Bowl variety someday.

To be that young, play an entirely different sport and still have the status/sway to be allowed to shoot around at Ball Arena like that? At the venue of the defending NBA champions? Come on. That’s pretty freaking cool.

Look at these studs with courtside seats:

Heck, I guess they can afford them, considering Shedeur Sanders’ latest NIL valuation is $4.8 million. Travis Hunter is no slouch himself in that department at $2.3 million. HOOH. Not bad!

More power to Colorado’s dynamic duo. Live it up and enjoy college while you can before, in all likelihood, having an even better next season for the Buffaloes and entering the 2025 NFL Draft together.

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