Kid Filming NASCAR Race Right By The Track Almost Blown Over By Wind Coming Off The Cars

Lily Rebel

NASCAR really has everything you could ever ask for: fast cars, interesting storylines, wrecks you can’t help but look at, star drivers, and even recently, Olivia Dunne.

It’s truly one of the most entertaining and exciting sports out there, and that’s saying something considering that the cars just make left turns for three hours. I’d guess that most people watch NASCAR on television, which is probably the best way for viewing. Some fans might like to actually attend the races, though it’s one of the few sports where you might want to sit farther away from the action.

Sitting towards the top of the stands gives you a better vantage point of the proceedings, and keeps you from looking like this kid in the video below.

This dude was standing right next to the protective fencing around the track, and ended up feeling the full force of the wind off the cars as they passed by. It appears the kid was trying to video the racers as they wizzed on by, though the gusts from the vehicles made that a little difficult.

The caption of the clip states:

“NASCAR races are so fast that can generate non only simple vortex, but authentic strong wind gusts. Watch this kid experiencing one.”

Those that watched the video couldn’t help but feel bad for the kid, even though it looked like he was having the time of his life.

People were also blown away (like the kid almost was) by how fast the cars were moving in the reply section below the video:

What do you mean “could be capable of generating electricity?” Have you ever watched a NASCAR race? They are, without a doubt, electric already.

Show some respect…

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