Dog The Bounty Hunter = BIG Shane Smith & The Saints Guy

Dog the bounty hunter
Shane Smith & The Saints

This might be the best country music song promotion that I’ve ever seen.

Shane Smith and the Saints certainly know what they’re doing when it comes to making music, and they also appear to have a pretty good grasp on how to bring attention to their newly released song “The Greys Between.”

The song itself is good enough to warrant a listen, but just in case country music fans needed an extra push, the great minds behind Shane Smith and the Saints decided to call on a recognizable face to help spread the word.

A video was posted on the band’s social media accounts of none other than Dog the Bounty Hunter promoting the new Shane Smith song, though it appears that Dog briefly forgot what the name of the tune was:

“Go check out the new song from Shane Smith and the Saints. The name of the song is…uhh, oh, ‘The Greys Between.'”

Is it possible that Dog could have listened to the song and wanted others to listen to it? Yes, that’s not out of the realm of possibility.

But is the more likely scenario probably that Shane Smith and the Saints paid whatever Dog’s fee on Cameo is to get him to help announce their new song? Yes, I actually feel comfortable saying that’s exactly what happened.

And it was money well spent too, and will hopefully get more listeners to “The Greys Between,” which the band describes on their YouTube page as:

“This song is about still having your partner’s back and fighting for one another, no matter what. There’s not always an obvious answer to issues and life can be complex.

At a certain point, love means accepting that it no longer matters who’s wrong or right; it’s all about finding the greys in between.”

Check it out:

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