Watch Jim Nantz Deliver Exceptional Live Commentary For A Random Golfer At Pebble Beach

Jim Nantz golf

Hello, friends. Just a shot of mainlined wholesomeness to pick you up on a Friday here from legendary sportscaster Jim Nantz.

The man has been holding it down for CBS at the Masters since 1989, but lives right near the iconic Pebble Beach, which hosts an annual PGA Tour pro-am and has served as a U.S. Open site multiple times.

With a h/t to @ZigmanFreud on X, we have Nantz out in the wild here at Pebble Beach’s picturesque, iconic par-3 seventh hole. Nantz was either roaming around the grounds, or linked up with some lucky golfers during a routine round on the expensive-but-public course. Whatever the case may be, this man Jason got Nantz to call his tee shot.

@jdprogolf Just a quick cbs coverage of this casual round of golf at Pebble Beach. Thankyou again Mr. Nantz #golf #pro #titleist #highsoftshanks #pebblebeach #jimnantz ♬ original sound – Jason

What a beauty! Got about 25-30 feet below the hole for birdie. Sure, you have a short club in your hand and might want to do better under normal circumstances, but this was a most extraordinary occasion to be sure.

Jason claims to be a professional golfer and caddie in his TikTok bio. If you’re playing Pebble Beach on a weekday and can hold up under this type of pressure to hit the ball on the green, I’m inclined to believe you, sir. The average amateur would likely crumble and blade that wedge over the green, beyond the cliff and straight into the Pacific Ocean. I know I would.

That warm, baritone voice box of Nantz’s doesn’t even need a mic anywhere near his face to stand and deliver the goods as if he were on the clock, getting paid millions and so forth.

A minuscule part of me thinks, “How dare these people bother the GOAT on his day off!” The vast majority of me fully believes Nantz is happy to oblige, because why wouldn’t he be? He’s the man. He’s Jim Freaking Nantz. Has to feel pretty good to deliver a lifelong memory for someone completely off the cuff like this. Well done, Jim!

Fun fact: Nantz revealed in a January 2020 post for Golf Digest that he married his wife on Pebble Beach’s seventh tee box. The backyard of his house features a replica of the famous par 3. How about that.

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