Nun Kicks Over Ladder To Stop Thieves On The Roof, Gives Them A Scolding As They Flee In Buffalo

nun kicking a ladder
Inside Edition

Thou shall not steal.

A pair of would-be thieves looking for copper pipes got quite the surprise one night when a nun in shining armor (couldn’t help myself) caught them in the act.

The men had put up a ladder to reach the roof of a Christian community center in Buffalo, NY, but apparently weren’t quiet enough to get away with it, as Sister Mary Johnice heard some noises and decided to see what was going on.

She told Inside Edition about the incident.

“As I was walking down the steps I heard pounding and noise, and that’s what told me open the door.”

She sees the ladder and one of the men up on the roof and jumps into action.

“I saw the ladder, gave it a kick and a push… It was heavy, but I just had strength at the moment.”

It sure did look like a heavy ladder and she was lucky that it didn’t fall on top of her, which would have been truly horrible.

The man was then forced to hop off the roof and flee, but not before Sister Johnice gave him a good old fashion nun scolding, which is not fun. Trust me, I went to Catholic school…

“I used my finger and I said “Get away, go! This is God’s place!”

If I know nuns, I’m sure there may have been a few other things said, but we’ll leave it at that…

Perhaps the funniest part of all of this, the building doesn’t even have copper pipes, so it seems these criminals weren’t the brightest.

Gotta love it.

If there is a meaning to any of this, it’s don’t mess with nuns.

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