Morgan Wade Is Haunted By The Memory Of A Past Love On Stunning New Single, “Halloween”

Morgan Wade country music
Matthew Berinato

Leave it to Morgan Wade to go and drop a single like this after just putting out a full-length album.

She dropped a surprise song today just in time for spooky season called “Halloween,” which is a hauntingly beautiful ballad about how the ghost of her ex (and the memories they shared) still follows her around.

After putting out her sophomore studio album Psychopath in August, I never thought we’d be getting more new music from her this soon, but it’s a stunning song with a beautiful piano arrangement that once again shows off her incredible vocals.

Written by Morgan and Clint Wells, the lyrics gave me chills, with Morgan pretty much pouring her heart out about the disappointment in losing a once-in-a-lifetime love:

“I knew I loved you that Halloween
When I saw you and I got mad
You came in with someone that wasn’t me
And I’ve never felt pain that bad
So I cried in my car at the liquor store
And I almost relapsed

We were friends but I wanted more
I was hoping you wanted me back
And you met me for coffee at my favorite place
Right by the railroad tracks
You touched my hand and you felt insane
Our hearts didn’t cut us no slack
You never get over a love like that”

I think this is already one of my favorite songs she’s ever released, and also, probably the best “Halloween” song I’ve ever heard (even though it’s not really about Halloween at all, but you get the point).


Do yourself a favor and add it to your playlist ASAP… you certainly won’t regret it:


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