Hannah Dasher Proves She Has Something To Say With Bad*ss New Album “The Other Damn Half”

Hannah Dasher country music
Hannah Dasher

Back in 2021, Hannah Dasher gave us The Half Record and showed us all what a force of nature she really is.

With songs like “You’re Gonna Love Me” introducing Hannah Damn Dasher to the world, and “Left Right” showing off her incredible, witty songwriting, Hannah proved she had something to say – and said it in a big way.

Since then, Hannah’s released a few singles, with songs like “Tall Boy” and “1990s Heartbreak” proving that she’s one of the most promising – and underrated – artists coming up in Nashville today.

Well today, two years after releasing The Half Record, Hannah Dasher is back to give us The Other Damn Half.

If you’re not familiar with Hannah yet, not only has she had songs cut by artists like Brad Paisley and Lainey Wilson, but she’s also spent time on the road opening for names like Reba, Lynyrd Skynyrd, and Hank Williams Jr.

And she’s said in the past that she doesn’t consider herself a “female country artist” – often singing songs that appeal more to the guys than the girls:

“I sing upbeat stuff that’s true to me. I think there’s a reason why boys have ruled the radio. It’s because girls have been singing a bunch of whiny, slow-ass songs that nobody wants to listen to.

I don’t listen to that. If I can’t put it on my gym mix, or if it doesn’t move me, then I don’t listen to it either.”

Well there’s something that will move everybody on her latest release. The previously-released singles like “Cryin’ All The Way to The Bank” and “That Thing You Like” show off Hannah’s witty, rockin’ sound, while “Ugly Houses” shows off her vulnerable side as she asks for help in fixing up her imperfections.

And then there’s the songs we haven’t heard yet, like the bad*ss “Redneck Ass,” and “Good Ol’ Boy,” which finds Hannah reflecting on how God has a “good ole’ boy” in store for her – one that’s made in His image.

Hannah also recorded her own version of “Go To Bed Early,” her song that was originally cut by Brad Paisley for his 2017 “Love and War.”

And the album ends with the rockin’ “Country Do,” showcasing not only her skill but also her versatility in just seven short songs.

I’ve said many times that Hannah Dasher is one of the most underrated artists in Nashville, along the lines of somebody like Chris Stapleton or Charlie Worsham who has all the talent and the unique personality that it takes to be a superstar. She just needs the right opportunity to break out.

And Hannah says The Other Damn Half is her opportunity to show folks what they’ve been missing from the artists that are coming out of Nashville:

“I feel like country fans have been craving the real thing for a long time. And they’ve been settling for gas station fried chicken. But they’re about to get the original recipe. Here’s ‘The Other Damn Half.’”

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