“FIRE CANADA!” Chants Break Out At Ohio State As Steelers OC Matt Canada Continues To Have Zero Fans Anywhere

Fire Matt Canada chant

Pittsburgh Steelers offensive coordinator Matt Canada is perhaps the most reviled assistant coach in the entire NFL.

Nobody, and I mean nobody, believes Canada is worthy of a play-calling job in professional football. Steelers fans especially believe he’s hindering the development of second-year quarterback Kenny Pickett.

It’s gotten to the point where chants of “FIRE CANADA!” aren’t confined to Acrisure Stadium or even the Steelers’ road venues. They’ve spread to Columbus, Ohio, where Pat McAfee and ESPN have set up shop ahead of Saturday’s Big Ten duel between Ohio State and Penn State.

Pittsburgh ranks 30th in the NFL in points per game and total yards per game. Although it’s a franchise far more known for its defensive prowess (see: Steel Curtain, etc.) over the course of its iconic history, fans would prefer a 21st-ceuntry offense of some kind. To date, Canada has failed to deliver that.

With the NHL season getting underway, there have been multiple en masse anti-Canada rallying cries from Penguins stans:

I mean, the vitriol is EVERYWHERE. Some brave-souled film junkies who’ve sifted through the Steelers’ game tape are appalled by what they’ve seen:

Maintaining the status quo is something Pittsburgh is notorious for. Mike Tomlin has been the head coach since Bill Cowher resigned after a 15-season tenure in January 2007.

Not like upper management is keen to make an in-season example of Canada by relieving him of his duties. That’s been confirmed in a recent report, too.

The vibes are super weird even when things go well. Pickett hooked up with George Pickens for what turned out to be a game-winning touchdown in Week 5. Canada’s reaction (or lack thereof) went viral.

I disagree with the premise of the above tweet/X post. There is absolutely something strange about Canada having zero reaction. My best guess? Canada is so numb to all the criticism and exhausted by all the long hours he’s put in that he doesn’t know how to behave when something actually works. It’s a pretty rare occurrence, as the basic yards/points stats I cited underscore.

So go off, Steelers fans in Columbus, Ohio. Chant “FIRE CANADA!” till your throat and lungs spontaneously combust. It will not happen until after the 2023 season, if at all.

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