9-Year-Old Who Went Viral With “Tennessee Whiskey” Is Now 14, & Back With Another Face-Melting Rendition Of The Chris Stapleton Mega-Hit

Taj Farrant country music
Taj Farrant

I’m not upset that this kid is so incredibly talented. I’m just disappointed in myself that I probably won’t ever get to this level of music talent in my life. Hell, maybe any talent…

I won’t reveal how old I am, but let’s just say I’ve got a head start of more than a couple of years on this kid. This kid is playing intricate chord progressions, throwing down nasty licks, and doing justice to a classic country song riddled with incredible guitar riffs, and here I am only ever getting up to medium difficulty on Guitar Hero.

This 9-year-old by the name Taj Farrant figured out how to shred a guitar in less than a decade of being alive, and decided to use his guitar talents to cover “Tennessee Whiskey.”

You might read that and say “oh, the Chris Stapleton song.” Yes, but technically the Chris Stapleton cover, considering that the original artist behind the song (that was released in 1981) was David Allan Coe. The song was originally written by Dean Dillon and Linda Hargrove, and first recorded by David Allan Coe and then George Jones, but Taj here takes a run at the bluesy Chris Stapleton arrangement.

He handled this complex song with ease, and looks like he’s having a hell of a lot of fun performing it. Farrant doesn’t sing the lyrics, instead just focusing on the guitar portion while he plays over the rest of the band. Honestly, not a bad move by the young kid, because do you ever really want to try and sing a song that Stapleton has sang before?

Take a listen:

It’s crazy how good that is. Hopefully Stapleton has seen that video at some point, and can sleep easily knowing that Taj Farrant could step into a role in his band if he ever needed to.

This video is actually 4-years-old now, so as you can imagine, Taj has only gotten better. We’ve actually got an updated “Tennessee Whiskey” video from the talented young man, and this time he does sing the lyrics as he performs for a live crowd.

This clip is actually just a few days old, and it looks like he has the vocals to back up his guitar playing with this insane, 6-minute rendition of the Chris Stapleton hit:

Taj also audition for Australia’s Got Talent a few years back, and to nobody’s surprise, he crushed it.

He made it all the way to the semi-finals before he was eliminated:

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