Crocodile Crunches Down On A Turtle Shell Like It’s Nothing

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Talk about one wild bite… to crunch through something like that with such ease is downright amazing, but when it comes to biting there’s nothing that matches the crocodile. They have the hardest bite in the whole world, measuring in at 3700 PSI. This means they can shred through nearly anything they get ahold of, but flesh, bone and even a turtle shell are nothing for them.

As powerful as the bite, they have a body to go with it. They can reach lengths of nearly 20 feet long and reach over 2,400 pounds making them a force to be reckoned with. These beasts are from a different time period, quite literally. They lurk around and use their muscular body to propel themselves towards anything they think is edible.

Sure, it’s easy to think they are beats capable of crushing anything with just their mouths. But it is a whole different ball game when you see it in action. This croc put it on full display for us.

The croc is seen situating a turtle in his mouth. He gets it lined up and crushes down with those unforgiving jaws.

The turtle shell crushes like it’s not strong at all.


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A beer bottle on a dock