Rare White Killer Whale Spotted In California’s Monterey Bay

White orca whale

We’ve all seen wild photos of all white creatures such as deer, bears, squirrels, moose… the list goes on. There’s just something about it that the animal seem more majestic, almost angelic. However, I must admit this one right here is a first for me.

A white orca has been spotted in California’s Monterey Bay. Of course, they’re typically black with a few white patches on the body, so needless to say, this is an incredibly rare sight.Montere y Bay Whale Watch posted the wild footage of the white killer whale to their Facebook page, saying that the young whale has been nicknamed “Frosty.”

In the video, you can see Frosty swimming in a line with other orcas, obviously sticking out because of its white back.

The group wrote in the post:

“Amazing sight today with CA216C1 Frosty! California Killer Whale Project identified CA216C and CA216C1 (Frosty) traveling and hunting with the CA140Bs (Louise’s group). Frosty is possibly leucistic, or may have a syndrome known as Chediak-Higashi syndrome.

The whales hunted an elephant seal and at least one California sea lion, breaching and prey sharing with the carcass! The last time Frosty and his/her mom were in Monterey Bay, they were also with the CA140Bs! Frosty is about 4 years old, born some time in July or August of 2019. What an incredible and rare encounter!”

Check it out:

The also included more photos of Frosty and the fam:

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock