Hilarious Brawl Breaks Out On A Wet Floor Between Cowboys And Chargers Fans

Cowboys fans fight
Eric Macedo

I’m fully convinced at this point that a fight is only inevitable to breakout at an NFL game. It doesn’t matter which stadium, which city, or if it’s Sunday, Monday, or Thursday, somebody is going to be throwing punches.

Do I condone this kind of behavior? Absolutely not. But do I love watching the videos the day after? I do… I shamelessly do.

And it all went down yet again last night while the Dallas Cowboys squared off against the Los Angeles Chargers in SoFi Stadium.. two fanbases that seem to fight more than the rest. Last night was a slugfest (literally, before the game) between the two teams, and with Dallas up 20-17 late in the fourth quarter, Chargers quarterback Justin Herbert was intercepted by Stephon Gilmore to seal the game.

So, could this massive brawl have started because the Chargers fans were butt hurt after an emotional loss? Did somebody try to talk to someone’s girl? Was beer spilled on somebody? Is everybody just drunk and stupid? There’s honestly no telling, but this is a wild one.

In the video, you can see multiple different fights going on at the same time, so much so that the camera man doesn’t seem to know what to focus on. The video kicks off with a Cowboys fan get body slammed into the ground, while a dude in a Chargers jersey is throwing windmill punches.

You can also see two middle aged dudes in the background with their fists raised, waiting for someone to throw the first punch. At some point, you see a Chargers fan pick up a pole, although the camera turns away before we can see what he does with it.

Perhaps my favorite part is when the dude in the Justin Herbert jersey comes flying in getting ready to throw a punch, before hilariously slipping. And he wasn’t the only one. With the floor all wet, nobody was really landing anything and spent more time falling down than they did fighting.

It really feels like NFL games are starting to turn into WWE.

Check it out:

In the second angle here, we even see some of the women getting in the mix:

Here’s another one in the seats and it’s hard to even tell what happens, but some guy comes flying over the seats, smacks his face, and then a Cowboys fan, seemingly rows below unless he tumbled with him, starts wailing on him. He was leaking pretty good…

Shoutout to the dude who stepped in a broke it up:,

And we all saw the on field shenanigans before the game…

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock