Idiot Parents Bring Newborn Child Within A Few Yards Of Yellowstone Elk For A Photo

yellowstone elk


Please, don’t put your kids in harm’s way.

I would hate to see anyone get hurt just because they wanted a picture with a wild animal. But it would really bug me to see it happen to a kid.

Ya see, they just can’t make the best decisions for themselves and need to be taught sometimes. If they are taught that wildlife shouldn’t be treated like wildlife, they will probably end up hurt at some point.

And as adults we should protect these kids at all cost and teach them the proper and safe ways to enjoy wildlife, from a safe distance away.

Elk are a large animal, the second largest member of the deer family. They can reach up to 1,000 pounds at their most, with some cow elk reaching 600 pounds.

Although they are herbivores, who typically keep to themselves, they are able to fight back. They take on and run from predators every day to survive in the harshest landscapes.

If a person makes them uncomfortable or feel threatened, an elk won’t even think before reacting, which could end poorly.

That is why these parks have signs and rangers everywhere trying to warn people of the dangers.

But, like these folks, we see it time and time again regardless of the countless warnings.

These parents are seen with a newborn approaching a cow elk on the side of the road feeding.

The man taking the video hilariously mocks everyone.

“I’m gonna be able to get a viral video of everybody surrounding the moose, and the moose attacking the child”

Sounds a little harsh, but so is nature. Let’s not put ourselves and children in harm’s way.

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