Pike Sneaks Up And Takes Down A Baby Duck Right Infront Of Its Family

Pike eats duck
Mr. Pike Starving

Even the pike are pumped for duck season.

The sad reality of nature is that the young that are the most vulnerable, and predators don’t care if your whole family is sitting there watching, they’ll snatch anything up in a flash. That being said, for us out enjoying the great outdoors, predators are awesome to see in action. They make highly calculated decisions and quickly take out their prey using a skillset they have perfected over time.

Pike fit right into the predator category, feeding on literally anything they think is food from all fish, to frogs and even birds or snakes, these fish aren’t picky. If you’ve ever been in a pike fishery, you know they’re take a shot at just about anything moving.

They are long fish that can measure up to nearly 5 feet long. They have long mouths with sharp teeth. They lurk around in the grass, often moving slow until they lock onto a target. They use their long body to quickly lunge at their prey, then the large mouth to swallow them whole if possible.

These folks got a firsthand view at how a pike hunts. A whole family of ducks is seen swimming around in a lake, picture perfect, with a whole bunch of babies. A pike is spotted, and it sets its sights on the ducks. You can see the pike move towards them, it gets near a straggler and… strikes.

The mother duck chases the pike down, but its bite is too strong as it holds the duckling down.

The people watching try to throw a stick at it to break up the attack, but nothing doing… the pike takes the duck down into the deep, and that’s all she wrote.

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock