Bear Breaks Into Canadian Convenience Store & Steals A Pack Of Gummy Bears

Black bear steals gummy bears
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A bear eating gummy bears? That’s not technically cannibalism, but for some reason it still doesn’t feel right.

The owner of this Canadian convenience store expects to have some strange customers every once in a while, and this bear might take the cake for the strangest he’s ever had.

Jay deGoesbriand, the man who owns Tipton’s Gas Bar where the bear perused the aisles, had just finished sweeping his store and was enjoying his morning cup of coffee when he almost had to do a double take.

As he looked at the front door, he saw a black bear helping itself in and beginning to walk the rows of products to find something to eat.

In the bear’s defense, it is getting close to hibernation season, so bruins are trying to up the calorie count for their long winter’s nap. That must be why this black bear was very selective about what snack it wanted from the store.

Security camera footage shows the bear walking past plenty of food choices and going towards the candy aisle, and once it gets there, it only stops to (strangely enough) pull down a bag of gummy bears.

After it chose its snack, the black bear wandered back out the door to tear into the gummy bears. And you might think that the bear would have tried to distance itself from the “scene of the crime,” but that didn’t happen at all.

Jay deGoesbriand told the Vancouver Sun:

“Then this little bugger has the nerve to sit at the end of my driveway, look at me and eat it.

He just decided to come in and do some shopping … without paying!”

Though the store owner was a little upset, he was also thankful that the bear just took one thing and left the rest of the store in tact.

deGoesbriand probably would have rather not had the bear visit the inside of his store, but above all else, he was happy that things went over rather smoothly:

“He wasn’t aggressive at all. He didn’t knock anything over. He never even looked at me.

It was pretty weird. That’s definitely a first for me.”

You can view the news story about the black bear on a gummy bear eating spree below:

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