Reba Reveals That She Doesn’t Have Dolly Parton’s Phone Number Because Dolly Only Communicates Through Fax

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What would Dolly do…

Dolly Parton has been known for having a sly sense of humor over the years, and this fact seems like it should fall into the humor category, but it doesn’t.

Earlier this week, Reba McEntire popped into Andy Cohen’s studio for a guest appearance on his nightly TV show, Watch What Happens Live. For the non-Bravo TV junkies out there (yes, I am a shameless viewer of all the Housewives franchises), every night, Andy Cohen has guests sit in to talk about a string of Bravo shows and all things pop culture.

And for any Real Housewives of Salt Lake City fans out there, this moment was pure gold.

During a bit of the show called “Textual Behavior,” Cohen asks his guests about some of their phone behavior, like what their most used emojis are, and fun little questions like that.

Cohen asked Reba what her last text exchange with fellow country music icon Dolly Parton looked like:

“Dolly does not text.”

Cohen is fascinated by that answer, and starts asking if they email or call each other on the telephone. Reba shakes her head to both, and says that she only communicates with Dolly Parton through fax.

“I don’t have her telephone number. And I asked Kenny Rogers one time, I said, “Do you have Dolly’s number?” He said no. 

You know what…maybe he said that because he doesn’t want to give it to me…I don’t know.”

Cohen is mind blown by this, and frankly, same here…

It feels like I am disrespecting the Queen by saying this, but who even owns a fax machine these days? But leave it to Dolly to do things her way.

I guess the one up side about using a fax machine as your primary communication method is avoiding all the spam calls…

Check out Reba’s entire appearance on Watch What Happens Live while you’re here.

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