Hundreds Of Bison Stampede Through Yellowstone National Park

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Trent Sizemore Photography

Is there a place in the world with more natural beauty and wildlife than Yellowstone National Park?

For the most part, we usually only cover stories out of Yellowstone if it involves animals fighting with one another, or stupid tourists wandering up to wild animals and getting what they had coming to them.

However, this is one of the more mundane videos that’s come out of the national park, and though it might not show anything that’s “life threatening,” it still deserves some appreciation.

If I had to describe this footage in a short and sweet manner, I would most likely say that it plays like a relaxing video screensaver. This would be a wonderful video to set up to play every time your TV or computer falls asleep.

Trent Sizemore, a wildlife photographer who often frequents Yellowstone National Park, took this video while shooting in the Lamar Valley portion of the park.

Lamar Valley is considered to be on the Yellowstone’s most active spots for “big game” activity, so it’s completely normal to see bison (North America’s largest land animal) grazing within the area.

I would say that seeing this many at once stampeding through the beautiful setting of Yellowstone is pretty rare though, and is definitely a sight to see.

Luckily for us, Trent Sizemore was there on the scene and was able to record it for the rest of us, and now we can watch this massive bison herd run through the wonderful scenery of our nation’s most popular national park as many times as you wish.

The video was also set to what can only be described as Game of Thrones-esque music, which isn’t bad by any means, but I personally would have rather just heard the stomping of the bison through the Lamar Valley.

Regardless, it’s still a great watch, and was captioned on Facebook:

“I’m not sure what spooked these bison, if anything at all, but there was a legitimate stampede of hundreds of them today in Lamar Valley!

There were many more behind us coming from over the ridge as well.”

Take a look:

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