Woman Plays Dead After Tripping While Running Away From Bison In Yellowstone National Park

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Well this is terrifying…

Just when I thought that we had made our way out of the “people endangering themselves in Yellowstone” season, this video proves that we’re still right in the middle of it.

This video showing a woman’s close brush with death (by bison) is going viral, and for good reason. When a human has to play possum to survive, people are going to want to watch to see how it works out.

Two tourists, who could also be described as “tourons,” had approached a couple of bison in the middle of a field when things got dangerous.

One of the bison decided to charge, and in an attempt to run away, the woman tripped and fell (the classic horror movie trope actually happens in real life).

A group of tourists nearby (possibly the couple’s friends or group they were with) start to scream in horror as the woman was laying on the ground and the bison approached her. Everyone witnessing the scary circumstance scream at the woman to “play dead” and not move.

So that’s what she does, and in a miracle of sorts, the method of playing dead actually worked. The bison stomped close to her a couple of times, and possibly even sniffed once or twice, but eventually lost interest and walked off.

Once the woman was in the clear, she got up and walked away (quickly), and is lucky to see another day. Things could have easily went south with her on the ground at the mercy of the bison.

The video was posted on Instagram with the caption:

“A woman caught in frightening video trying to outrun a bison at Yellowstone National Park proved that if all else fails, “play dead.” The beast walks up to her, stands for a moment and then gallops away after apparently losing interest 

The National Park Service (NPS) advises people visiting Yellowstone National Park to stay at least 25 yards away from bison and elk at all times. Although not usually aggressive, they are wild animals, and can be unpredictable.”

In case you wondering, the lesson you can take away from this video is this: stay away from wildlife and leave animals alone, and if you simply can’t do that, don’t go to Yellowstone National Park.

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