Chargers RB Austin Ekeler Thought Philip Rivers Was Having A ‘Meet & Greet’ The First Time He Met Him & His 9 Kids

Austin Ekeler Chargers

Former NFL quarterback Philip Rivers will go down as one of the most underrated players of all time, and probably the “most kid-having-est” QB in NFL history (if that makes sense).

Since it’s been a couple of years since Philip Rivers last played in the National Football League, you might need a reminder of who he is and what he is known for.

For one, Philip Rivers has nine children (with a tenth on the way) with his wife Tiffany, who was his middle school sweet heart. The couple has been married since 2001, and have been… busy to say the least.

When Rivers wasn’t busy having kids, he was perpetually down by a touchdown and needing to drive the length of the football field with less than two minutes left to tie or win the game for the San Diego/Los Angeles Chargers.

You might think I’m exaggerating there, but ask any football fan and they will tell I’m right. Rivers, as good of a quarterback that he was, was basically stuck in a purgatory of being down late and needing to move the ball way too far down the field with way too little time left on the clock.

It was basically every single week when he was playing….

So considering that he faced that in almost every game of his NFL career, I’m sure he’s enjoying retirement (though he could still come back).

He must be pretty busy with his 9 children, and the his job as a high school football coach in Alabama, because if he wasn’t, he’d probably be doing what everyone else in sports is doing and talking in front of a microphone.

That’s what his former teammate and current Los Angeles Chargers running back Austin Ekeler does, and he makes a good amount of money with his fantasy football podcast Ekeler’s Edge.

Ekeler is also often stopping by on other sports shows, such as Robert Griffin the Third’s podcast RG3 and The Ones (yes, pretty much every former athlete and current athlete has their own podcast now).

While Ekeler was a guest on RG3’s show, Griffin asked him what it was like to meet the Chargers’ current QB Justin Herbert for the very first time.

Ekeler said he immediately saw flashes from Herbert that told him he would be a special player, and otherwise noticed that Justin was a quiet and football-loving quarterback.

Ekeler then said that Herbert reminded him of the quarterback he first played with in the NFL, saying:

“It reminds me of Philip Rivers. I came in with Philip Rivers and so I played with him for three years. And this man, he had his huge family, he has like 9 kids, he has 10 now. 

(When) I first saw them, I thought they were doing a meet and greet. It was crazy. That’s a different story.”

The comment cracked up both Ekeler and RG3, and I’m sure it would garner a laugh out of Philip Rivers too if he were to see it.

Take a look:

Now that I think about it, is Rivers just trying to have enough kids so that he can roster a football team? With 10 kids, he can play all-time-QB and that should suffice, right?

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