Garth Brooks’ Creepy Facebook Video Mashed Up With A Scene From ‘Saw’ Is Both Terrifying & Hysterical

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‘Tis the spooky season…

A while back, we shared a detailed (and hilarious) exposé into why people keep asking Garth Brooks where he’s hiding the bodies, with comedian Tom Segura coming to the ultimate conclusion that Garth must be a serial killer with a body count somewhere in the neighborhood of 200-300.

Where they are buried? Nobody knows.

Anyways, Instagram account SquatchRonson took the joke and ran with it, putting together this wickedly hysterical, downright creepy video mashing up the “Amanda scene” from the horror movie Saw, and Garth Brooks’ maniacally bizarre Facebook video debut.

And with Halloween right around the corner, there’s no better time to revisit this incredible video. It’s the kind of thing that will give you legitimate nightmares.

I don’t know whether I should be laughing or crying right now, but I’m doing a little bit of both.

Where are the bodies, G?

Seriously Garth, just tell us where you hid the bodies?

Garth Brooks Would “Rather Kill Somebody” In 1989 Interview

Hiding in plain sight.

Garth Brooks is quite the… interesting character. He’s got that theatrical way of speaking, usually about loving everybody and having fun and getting “physical” with music, or whatever weird stuff he manages to come up with during his bizarre Facebook live videos on Inside Studio G.

And he also cries a lot. Like, a lot. Some random person comments on Garth’s Facebook page that he “changed their life” and here come the waterworks.

Waylon Jennings once even reportedly called Garth “the most insincere person” he’d ever seen. Of course that’s not really relevant. Just pointing out that apart from being one of the biggest country stars of all time, he’s also kind of a weird dude.

But is he a serial killer?

Well, no… at least not that we know of. But that hasn’t stopped the comments on his Facebook, Instagram, and pretty much everywhere else asking where the bodies are and begging him to give the families closure.

And this 1989 interview from Garth is sure to add some fuel to the fire.

Way back when Garth was a brand new artist, promoting his second single “If Tomorrow Never Comes,” a young Garth Brooks stopped by Crook and Chase to discuss his music, and a host of other topics. But he may have accidentally let the mask slip…

When asked whether he’d ever like to get into acting, Garth had a response that may have hinted at his dark side:

“I told them if they ever need somebody to be a bad guy, which is weird, I’d love to be a bad guy.”

The hosts told Garth he looked like a “good guy,” but he didn’t back down:

“Ok, I guess. I’d rather kill somebody. That’d be fun.”

Oh really, Garth? Fun you say?

Looks like Tom may have been on to something all along…

And it didn’t take long for Segura and his wife to put the pieces together either. Once they found the clip, Tom had a simple message:

“I told you so.”

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