After Playing Through Injury, Cleveland Brown’s Tight End David Njoku Shares Photo Of Gruesome Facial Burns

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David Njoku is making a case for the toughest player in the National Football League.

Is that one of the awards that they give out at the end of the season? If it isn’t, they should make it one solely for Cleveland Browns Tight End David Njoku, because this is some next level toughness.

In case you missed the news, Njoku nearly missed one of the Browns’ games because he suffered serious burns to his face and arms in an at-home accident a couple of days before the tilt.

The talented football player was reportedly attempting to light a fire pit when the accident occurred, which probably means that some sort of flame up or lighter fluid mishap caused the burns to his arms and his face.

There was some speculation that the burns would cause him to miss the game, but that was thrown out when he posted this on Twitter/X:

And his attendance at the game was confirmed when he walked in looking like a super villain:

And not only did he play, but Njoku also caught 6 passes for 46 yards in the loss to the Baltimore Ravens.

After all of that, and some time for his burns to heal a bit, Njoku finally decided to share a photo of his face today without his badass mask on.

He posted a series of photos to his Instagram with the simple caption “Legacy,” and one of the pictures he shared was one that revealed his face as it heals from the serious burns.

Seriously, let’s go ahead and get that “NFL Toughest Player of the Year” award ready. We can go ahead and start engraving Njoku’s name on it:

Social media users couldn’t believe that Cleveland’s tight end played through an injury like that, and shared their thoughts and comments in the replies below the photo:

That’s a great question…

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