Browns TE David Njoku Walks Into The Stadium Looking Like A Batman Villain After Suffering Facial Burns

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Cleveland Brown TE David Njoku suffered burns to his face and arms in some kind of at-home accident this week. Apparently he was trying to light a fire pit, and I would guess some type of lighter fluid caused the flames to burst up his arm and toward his face.

Luckily he wasn’t more severely injured, but it was reported that he was having a hard time wearing his helmet, due to the pain of the burns.

It was up in the air if he was even going to play today against the Baltimore Ravens, but he tweeted out that he’s seemingly good to go.

“The flesh is weak. See you tomorrow.”

What a badass…

I mean, we all know that most football players are a different breed, but playing through a facial burn is a whole new level.

And if there was any question that he wasn’t going to play,  Njoku put that to bed when he arrived to the stadium this morning looking like a straight up Batman villain.

I mean, there has never been, and probably will never be, a more badass stadium entrance in the history of football.

Shirt off, fur coat, mask, headphones… my man is channeling his inner Bane.

It remains to be seen if he’ll actually suit up. I’m sure he’s gotta get the helmet and the pads on and see how he feels, but by God, if he does play, Browns by a million.

I mean, you can’t come in looking that badass and only snag 2 catches for 25 yards, right? NFL script writers ain’t letting it go down like that.

The rest of X (formerly known as Twitter) was LOVING the move:

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