Black Bear Window Shops As It Walks Around In Florida Shopping Center

Bear in Florida

I wonder if the state of Florida ever just has a normal day.

It seems like every day, I see a video from the southern state with something wild happening. Whether it is people diving into the Everglades to wrestle with pythons, or an alligator walking around with human remains in its mouth, the state of Florida always has something going on.

This video doesn’t show anything violent happening, but it is still pretty concerning to see a black bear making itself comfortable like this in an area that is normally flooded with people.

Black bears, and all other bears for that matter, are often drawn into human civilizations when they are looking for food. If trash is not secured, or “bear proofed,” it is very likely that bears will get into it.

And once they do find trash, that can become a source of food, and that’s when bears can become very dangerous. That’s why seeing this bruin walk around in Naples, Florida is rather concerning.

Without thinking about all of that stuff though, the visual of seeing the black bear walking through a shopping center is actually quite comical. It’s almost as if the wild animal is window shopping, or maybe just out on the town.

Towards the end of the video, the bear starts to cross the street and actually uses the crosswalk, which is hilarious. It must know it could get paid some money in a case if it were to get hit while it was walking on the white lines

The clip is set to the song “On My Way” by Phil Collins, which is featured in the children’s movie Brother Bear.

Was it necessary to do that? No, probably not. But what is it a nice touch? Yes, I would say so.

Take a look at the video below, which was captioned:

“This black bear was spotted walking through the Old Naples neighborhood recently.

Anyone who sees this bear is advised to call Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission to report it.”

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock